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The Biology Of Belief – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief” – Full Lecture This is a must see for everyone ~ particularly those of you that want scientific proof that our thoughts do INDEED impact our reality… Advertisements

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Dr. Joe Dispenza on Reality Creation

Dr. Joe Dispenza is amazing! Below is a wonderful interview with him describing how we CREATE our future WITH our THOUGHTS… Dr. Joe Dispenza Will Leave You Speechless | An Eye Opening Interview

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The 7 (Proven) Keys to Improving Your Mental Health!

In honor of World Mental Health Day!! THE 7 (PROVEN) KEYS TO IMPROVING YOUR MENTAL HEALTH Taken from Melli O’Brien’s blog, with permission from Melli ~ one of my FAVORITE mindfulness teachers!  Addiction, Anxiety, Articles, Brain Health, Depression, Happiness, Health, Helpful Habits, Mindfulness, Research, Stress Did you know … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Breakdown

From one of my FAVORITE websites:  MINDFUL.ORG “Human beings are experts at showing up for the demands of the world. We keep driving forward—for our boss, our parents, our partners, or even ourselves—trying to live up to what’s expected of … Continue reading

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Not to Miss!! – Mindful’s Top 12 Posts of 2017 (and… 2016) and Top 10 Guided Practices

Get your coffee, tea or water. Put your pj’s and some soft music on, sit back and relax. You’ve taken care of everyone else – this is your time. If you don’t subscribe to Mindful Magazine yet – I highly … Continue reading

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