Payment Options

I am on the following insurance panels:

BCBS ~ Aetna ~ Humana  ~ Magellan ~ PHCS Multiplan

Humana Military TriCare & Magellan Military TriWest (Beginning January 2018)


If you have out-of-network benefits – I will provide the documentation required to submit for potential reimbursement.  Filing for out-of-network reimbursement is a simple process and I will explain it to you.  Although the cost is greater up front, ultimately the amount you pay may not be significantly different than a copay.  Additionally, the amount you pay may be applied toward your deductible.

 Food for Thought:

More than ever, insurance companies recognize the importance of mental health services. In fact, in the field of energy psychology, it is understood that physical ailments have an emotional cause. With that in mind, healing at the emotional level takes on another level of importance.

However, there are implications associated with your privacy when utilizing insurance for mental health benefits. Insurance companies cover counseling if/when it is deemed necessary by the insurance company. A mental health disorder must be identified and diagnosed to justify treatment. Even if you are simply stressed out during a difficult time in your life ~ in the insurance world, you must have a mental health diagnosis to receive treatment. For example – this means that a diagnosis of anxiety (due to a specific and temporary situation), or depression due to a loss, or the diagnosis of an adolescent with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, may remain on his/her/your medical record indefinitely.

The insurance company determines if they will pay for your services. Utilizing insurance also allows the insurance company to view counseling records if they desire. At that time, along with your diagnosis/diagnoses, personal information is no longer private and it may be held in a medical data-base indefinitely. Your personal mental health history, or your child’s/partner’s/spouse’s, will be carried with you/them possibly for the rest of your/their lives. Childhood and adolescent diagnoses can follow our children into adulthood and could potentially affect them long into their adult lives. 

A diagnosis might have impact on other aspects of your life as well. For example, some employers require health related background checks. It is possible that this information could be used in determining your ability to perform your job. As well, this information may be utilized when determining other insurance rates (i.e. life insurance) in the private sector.