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BodyTalk is an amazing energetic healing system. It combines the wisdom of Yoga and Advaitic Philosophy, insights of Modern Physics, the energy dynamics of Acupuncture and the clinical findings of Applied Kinesiology into a new form of health care.

BodyTalk Access sessions address general health, align energetic pathways and help balance brain chemistry.

Energetic healing sessions address chronic, deep~seated issues. Eergetic rebalancing sessions include a variety of energetic healing techniques including specific BodyTalk Access techniques, EFT, Reiki. guided imagings, intuitive and traditional healing modalities.


                                                 Come home again to yourself and experience the uniqueness of you!

The Cortices Technique is a core technique of BodyTalk:

Some ways energy healing can expedite emotional and physical healing:

  • Release trauma
  • Let go of unhealthy beliefs
  • Balance to your environment
  • Improve relationships
  • Facilitate physical and emotional healing
  • Balance brain chemistry
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Impart a sense of balance and peace
  • AND much more!