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The Biology Of Belief – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief” – Full Lecture This is a must see for everyone ~ particularly those of you that want scientific proof that our thoughts do INDEED impact our reality…

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The 7 (Proven) Keys to Improving Your Mental Health!

In honor of World Mental Health Day!! THE 7 (PROVEN) KEYS TO IMPROVING YOUR MENTAL HEALTH Taken from Melli O’Brien’s blog, with permission from Melli ~ one of my FAVORITE mindfulness teachers!  Addiction, Anxiety, Articles, Brain Health, Depression, Happiness, Health, Helpful Habits, Mindfulness, Research, Stress Did you know … Continue reading

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How to Live Your Truth Part 1 – Melli O’Brien

How To Live Your Truth: Identifying Your Values & Mastering Mindful Living From: http://mrsmindfulness.com/how-to-live-your-truth-identifying-your-values-mastering-mindful-living/   taken: January 19, 2017 Do you know what the most common regret people express on their deathbed is? It’s “I wish I had the courage to … Continue reading

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Anxiety and Mindfulness

Another great blog post written by Melli O’Brien AKA Mrs. Mindfulness  Busy & Stressed? 3 Tips to Make Your Day More Mindful  I just came back from teaching my four-day retreat ‘the art of mindful living’ to forty wonderful people. … Continue reading

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The BodyTalk System – Part 1 – What is BodyTalk?

Enjoy Part 1 of What is BodyTalk? presented by BodyTalk’s founder Dr. John Veltheim.  

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