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I’ve loved hiking in the woods ever since my Aunt Ree took me on my first walk in the woods as a small child. It felt like I entered a brand new world – a magical world of trees, moss … Continue reading

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The 7 (Proven) Keys to Improving Your Mental Health!

In honor of World Mental Health Day!! THE 7 (PROVEN) KEYS TO IMPROVING YOUR MENTAL HEALTH Taken from Melli O’Brien’s blog, with permission from Melli ~ one of my FAVORITE mindfulness teachers!  Addiction, Anxiety, Articles, Brain Health, Depression, Happiness, Health, Helpful Habits, Mindfulness, Research, Stress Did you know … Continue reading

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Not to Miss!! – Mindful’s Top 12 Posts of 2017 (and… 2016) and Top 10 Guided Practices

Get your coffee, tea or water. Put your pj’s and some soft music on, sit back and relax. You’ve taken care of everyone else – this is your time. If you don’t subscribe to Mindful Magazine yet – I highly … Continue reading

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Holidays and Mindfulness

5 Ways to Infuse the Holidays with Mindfulness How often have you begun the holiday season with the most exalted expectations, only to stumble into the New Year burned out and disappointed? The secret to making your holidays as enjoyable … Continue reading

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Theta Meditation and Sound Healing

This is an amazing sound healing experience. The 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency is considered to help with healing, DNA repair, transformation and miracles. Simply relax and listen. I found this meditation helpful for brain-chemistry balancing. I also got the best results listening … Continue reading

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