Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils & Young Living

Young Living OIls

I’ve used essential oils for over 30 years. Initially, I used them simply because they smelled good. I quickly learned that just because an essential oil smells good, it doesn’t necessarily have therapeutic qualities. In fact, you are potentially breathing in very concentrated doses of synthetic chemical blends. Young Living’s Essential Oils are therapeutic grade essential oils ~ the lifeblood of the plant ~ harvested from living plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and wild~flowers. Young Living oversees the process and guarantees the quality of their products from “seed to seal”. I’ve found Young Living’s essential oils supportive for countless physical and emotional issues. Oils are a part of my everyday routine and I cannot imagine living without them. 

The difference is simply amazing.

Please contact me if you need help in determining which essential oil or essential oil blend you might want to try.  Always do your own research and follow your intuition.  You’ll be guided to just the right oil or oil blend for you at this time.

Enroller and distributor #1755990


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